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Iron Springs Renovation is a Storm Ahead of the Calm

(News Item #0226, Published: 08/16/10, IronSpringsResort.com) – The main lodge at Iron Springs Resort sits quiet but all around it 26 cabins are being renovated. Past guests will find the same pristine resort but with more comfort and amenities. Read more

Doe Bay Resort partners with Goldener Resorts Network

(News Item #0237, Published: 08/10/10, Goldener.com) – Goldener Resorts has entered into a partnership with Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island, Washington State's San Juan Islands. Read more

Chateau Timberline Managed by Vortex Managers

(News Item #0225, Published: 08/01/10, ) – Chateau Timberline, near the South East entrance to Mount Rainier National Park, at Packwood Washington has appointed Sunspot Resorts as its Lodging management company. Read more

Sunspots Jumps into Lake Tahoe

(News Item #0216, Published: 08/01/10, LakeTahoeSunspots.com) – A Washington State Sunspots Manager inhereted a large luxurious Lake Tahoe Vacation Home. Naturally she decided to start offering Vacation Rentals in California's Favorite Lake & Ski Getaway. Read more

Hyak's New Lifts Open for Winter 2010

(News Item #0215, Published: 07/01/10, SummitAtSnoqualmie.com) – Summit at Snoqualmie is building two new ski lifts this summer in the Hyak (summit east) portion of the ski area. These replace a lift destroyed in a landslide in 2009. Read more

Family vacation time on Washington's Cranberry Coast

(News Item #0214, Published: 06/17/10, Seattle Times Newspaper) – On a good day, Westport is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Seattle and represents the quiet route to the Coast for much of Puget Sound. Read more

9 Tips for Finding a Reliable Vacation Rental

(News Item #0213, Published: 06/03/10, Frommers.com) – A rental home can save you a lot of money when you're on vacation. Here are the 9 things to know about finding a reliable vacation rental. Read more

Hawaii's Forbidden Island

(News Item #0208, Published: 05/17/10, Seattle Times Newspaper) – Helicopter Tour Gives A Taste Of The Very Private Hawaiian Island Of Niihau. Read more

Breaking Ground on Gondola Project

(News Item #0207, Published: 04/27/10, CrystalMountainResort.com) – On 4/26/2010 a new Gondola Project began at the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, which is a huge step in allowing Crystal Mountain to be operational year round. Read more

Mount Rainier Vacation Rentals Becomes a Sunspot

(News Item #0202, Published: 04/23/10, SunspotResorts.com) – Ms. PC Dickinson started mount Rainier Vacation Rentals four years ago and is now selling to Sunspot Resorts to offer more services to Owners and Guests. Read more

Sunspots' President - How to hunt a Midwest vacation rental

(News Item #0206, Published: 04/18/10, ChicagoTribune.com) – While vacation rentals are no new thing, but now the industry is growing due to the Internet and other factors according to VRIA President. Read more

NextDoor House Watch Program From Sunspot Resorts

(News Item #0203, Published: 04/01/10, SunspotResorts.com) – Sunspot Resorts announced innovative and reliable House Watch service called NextDoor. It provides periodic and on-call visits to properties to check their condition, or pre-arrival preparation. Read more

VRIA Announces Vacation Rental Angels Program

(News Item #0193, Published: 12/25/09, VRIA.org) – Christmas Day, the Vacation Rental Industry Association announced the creation of the Vacation Rental Angel Program to recognize members who regularly donate vacation home use to charitable causes. Read more

Washington State's Most Remote Luxury Retreat

(News Item #0190, Published: 12/15/09, SunspotResorts.com) – It sites five miles above 4,000 foot Blewett Pass but is kind of luxuriouis private vacation rental home you only see in prestigious magazines. 5 Bedrooms, 3 baths and packed with activities and fun. Read more

James Hough is Whidbey Camano Island Sunspots Partner

(News Item #0210, Published: 12/01/09, Sunspots.info) – Jim Hough, an avid traveler is smiling today. He has just joined Sunspot Resorts as a Partner for the Whidbey & Camano Islands Market. See www.WhidbeyCamanoSunspots.com. Read more

Eight Rungs of the Giving Ladder

(News Item #0188, Published: 11/26/09, VRIA.org) – Durring the Middle Ages a Jewish Rabbi created the Eight Rungs of Giving Ladder. It judges the motives, methods and sincerity of the giver. How do you rate? Read more

Stevens Pass Opening Day, Thursday November 19, 2009

(News Item #0186, Published: 11/16/09, StevenPass.com) – After consistent periods of cold temperatures and heavy snowfall, Stevens Pass Winter Resort is excited to announce opening day for the 2009 - 2010 winter season, Thursday November 19th, 2009. Read more

Amtrak Empire Builder Service to Leavenworth, WA, to Begin September 25, 2009

(News Item #0180, Published: 09/17/09, ) – Community Celebrates the Restoration of Rail Passenger Service with Opening of Icicle Station Read more

AirBnb.com another website says Sunspots President

(News Item #0162, Published: 07/26/09, WashingtonPost.com) – William May, President of Sunspot Inns, Resorts & Vacation Rentals is quoted in the Washington Post about a new Vacation Rental Website - AirBnb.com. Read more

Sunspots President Says Book Last Minute, but You Won't Be Beached

(News Item #0163, Published: 07/10/09, WashingtonPost.com) – According to William May, President of Sunspot Inns, Resorts & Vacation Rentals (www.SunspotResorts.com) booking last minute won't leave you beached. Read more

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