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Iron Springs Renovation is a Storm Ahead of the Calm

(News Item #0226, Published: 08/16/10, IronSpringsResort.com)

The main lodge at Iron Springs Resort sits quiet now. Normally it would be bustling in the summer months with the families who have vacationed at the place for decades. (IronSpringsResort.com)

Earlier this year, the Resort was gated and padlocked as the new owners set about an ambitious plan to return the Resort to its previous glory as the preferred getaway for guests from all of Washington State and the Country.

The main lodge building, however, is the only quiet place at Iron Springs.

Throughout the property the noise level is definitely higher as 26 cabins, staff buildings and even the infrastructure of electricity, water/sewer and laundries are getting a full make-over.

Dustin True, a member of the family that owns Gull Industries, which purchased the resort in early 2010, is onsite everyday with his crew from Black Creek Construction and Heliotrope Architects (www.HeliotropeArchitects.com)


"I want the community to know that we are not building fancy new lodging in place of the old ones," Said True as he toured the property. "We have opened all the buildings so we can update all the systems, improved the heating, put in insulated windows and state of the art roof systems. The idea is to keep the ambience that everyone loved, but give them comfy new cabins to stay in."

All existing cabins have been retained in their original locations which are often far closer to the ocean than newer buildings could have been built.

"People come here for the view, the clean ocean air and to watch the beach, the birds and the wildlife. We're retaining all of that," said True.

A major undertaking was the replacement of electrical all around the property and the relocation or upgrading of septic systems and water. "We had to lay trenches all over the property but it will put all the power underground and the property will become even closer to what it looked like before there were structures here," Observed Tony Robinson, the construction manager.

"We will be making the pathways more subtle but well lit and the landscaping will utilize indigenous plants and materials."

The property will be reopened for occupancy in the spring of 2011, although the new owners are hoping to have some cabins ready for occupancy by the 2010 Holidays. News of the opening will be posted here, as will periodic renovation photos.

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